google wave

In response to my complaints about not having many contacts (okay, so maybe not directly), I finally received Google Wave invites!  Though they were on Ebay for as much as $100 each a while back, I’m giving them away for free (read: I couldn’t find a buyer, just kidding).  I’ve got a few left, so let me know if you want Wave and I’ll send you an invite. There are a few conditions, however.

1) I have to actually know you, because…

2)I have to actually talk to you, so I can get a sense of Wave.

Leave a comment saying so, and I’ll invite you.  I guess the recent slew of traffic to my blog got me noticed? Moving up in the blogosphere? Let’s not get ahead of myself here…

PS. Nick Spiva, your invite should be arriving shortly.

5 responses to “google wave

  1. I will give you $100

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  3. hook me up yo.

  4. Me! Me! Ou, pick me! … fuck I’m so getting picked last.

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